UFO Sighting in Palm City, Florida on February 20th 2014 – red orb flying over home sighted size of cabin of 2 man helicopter no wings

I didn’t going upstairs to bed wbed I saw outside my landing window a bright red object coming towards the house I scrambled up stairs shouting at my husband to wake up and look at this , I ran through the bedroom to the other porch in front of house when we got there, there were 2 of the orbs not 1 flying past they were low over the rooftops and large lights I didn’t see any structure to them my husband was disinterested said they were planes and went back to bed I was very excited and don’t know why I didn’t watch to see where they went.
The size of the orb s were the size of my smart car maybe slightly larger, and they pulsated no noise at all .
that was our 1st sightings when I contacted a friend she said her children saw them.
We have had more sightings since.
I don’t know what made me go to bed when I was so excited maybe my husbands negative vibe

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