Black Triangle Sighting in Randburg, Gauteng on April 24th 2014 – 2 massive dark triangle shape flying objects with jagged cloud like outline low flying and smaller triangular aircraft with light blue lights on wings

I observe and scrutinise the night sky almost obsessively. On the 23/24 April 2014 we had clear and crisp conditions and the Milky Way was as clear as it can be in a suburban area in Johannesburg, South Africa. At around 21h00 I observed an object appear very suddenly (almost as if ejected)from the general area of the Belt of Orion (Orion being more or less directly above). It’s triangular / V shape was apparent only due to the thin V-shaped whisps of cloud engulfing it’s “flanks”. The “inside borders” of the clouds were straight and clearly defined. The “craft” appeared to be quite low and sped directly across the sky, disappearing behind the tree line in my garden in a northerly direction. It’s altitude, speed and direction were constant. There was absolutely no sound. We often see odd “behaviour” at night, but this particular sighting had me in a state. My mom was walking the dog and I know she saw it too. She was initially very distressed and now refuses to discuss it. I went outside again an hour or so later and looked up to see the exact same occurence, as if the “video” had been looped. Within seconds thereafter, a solid triangular craft with light blue lights on each corner appeared from the same area and followed the same flight path. This craft was very different to the first 2. It was very clearly defined and obviously solid, flew at a much higher altitude and seemed to be somewhat faster than the first lot.I have seen this craft before on a cloudy night (about 2 months ago). Two things I feel are noteworthy: – 1. After each of the 3 craft flew over, an aeroplane happened to fly over and 2. a dark helicopter with searchlights circled the sky above.
In closing, I have thus far never bothered posting any of the numerous sightings I’ve experienced, but I feel it is high time we South Africans start talking about and sharing these experiences. I am convinced that reporting such events will greatly contribute towards a growing movement of consciousness and awakening!

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