Probably close to 25-30 orange "ball" UFOs in tandem with ship-like UFOs over Memphis

Hi everyone!

I’ve always had an affinity for UFOs and aliens in general, so when this event happened to me very early Friday morning, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Around 3:30 AM CST I am driving to my apartment on a stretch of interstate that’s deserted at that time of night. As I come around a turn, I immediately am in awe by a GIGANTIC, absolutely shimmering and glimmering yellow/orange light in the sky. It lit up the entire sky. The UFO had a “sparkling tail” behind the supernova which looked like an explosion. It was so bright I seriously and literally thought a meteor was falling to Earth and it was going to hit my car! Just as quickly as it lit up the sky, it was gone. At this point I begin inspecting the sky wondering what I just saw, and to my amazement there were 10-15 in just my line of sight, cruising around very high up. Unlike most orange orb UFO sightings, these were at a very high altitude and could be clearly seen so I know they weren’t small–most reports of these UFOs say they are fairly small? These orbs would behave erratically but smoothly at the same time. I didn’t see any other orbs pull a supernova, just the very first one.

I look to my left and see a pair of differently structured craft at VERY low altitude, probably less than 100 feet away from the tree tops in a neighborhood. These were very different from the orange orbs. One of these flew over me and the interstate while I was pulled over watching the orange orbs. As it was approaching I tried to call my father and a friend but my phone wouldn’t ring although I had signal. It was definitely a ship, not any kind of ethereal matter the orange orbs seem to be associated with. It was tear shaped, walnut-like in the front, and absolutely dead silent. There were two bright, crisp-white lights that formed the bottom front of the ship. They were flush with each other but separated from the other. Imagine a 3d circle cut into four pieces, the bottom half facing forward is where these two lights were. This craft was the only one I got to see up close, but there was another one just like it still inspecting the neighborhood his buddy just left. I watched this one poke around slowly above the tree tops for about 20 seconds and it vertically ascended with speed but not mach-1 or anything; this ascent was also silent.

At this point I continue driving and watching. I couldn’t get over how many orange orbs there were–EVERYWHERE! I noticed two more of the craft-like UFOs described directly above, also cruising at kite-level altitude. However, as I got closer and closer to the city (I live downtown, I was coming from the country) I didn’t see anymore of the ships and the orbs were less frequent. Although the orange orbs’ numbers were tapering off, I saw them the entire way home and it is a 30-40 minute drive. The last craft shaped UFO I saw in fairly close proximity to the initial two, probably within a 1-2 mile radius (in the boonies). When I got to my apartment there were 4 orange orbs in formation, evenly distanced from each other, and “shaking” in place. This was about an hour after my initial citing and I had to go to bed, but the orange orbs were still in formation when I went inside.

I also want to say I saw a blue orb mixed in there somewhere but I’m not 100% sure my mind wasn’t overexcited by that point and assuming everything in the sky was a UFO. Unless I was looking at a star that somehow tricked me into thinking it was moving, the blue orb followed me at high altitude back to my apartment. I’m somewhat spiritual and a lot of people in my community believe aliens are as well–they access telepathy through “ultimate consciousness.” I thought to myself, “I see you. I know what you are. I see you.” Not long after that I noticed the blue orb cruising with me, right beside me but at high altitude. This orb was the only one I saw like it that night.

Thoughts? What do you guys think the ship-like UFOs doing and has anyone else seen another UFO type in conjunction with the orange orbs?

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