Re-introducing Victor Area 51 Alien

I would like to bring back into attention Victor, the mystery behind the most famous undeniable area 51 video in existence ever(in my opinion) To my knowledge no one has ever been able to de-bunk the video, it almost appears to me many people are afraid to speak of the video or even look at the alien IN the video. The alien IN question is one of the surviving e.t.s from the famous Roswell New Mexico UFO crash of ’47.
Many people like to say this man is someone else pretending to be someone else, and perhaps it is. No one knows, perhaps the man in the video IS who they say he is in disguise, why not? Maybe he did work himself IN Area 51.
I will post the original Area 51 Alien Interview, and follow up with Victors interview after 11 years of the first. And now never heard from again. Where is he? And who is he? I believe he left us a dire warning. Many words Victor had expressed in the last interview of him, which for years people have scrutinized, are actually now TRUE.
…they will be like a hive of bees

Any kind of input, criticism etc are much much welcomed here!!!

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