UFO Sighting in Queen Creek, Arizona on April 24th 2014 – X Shaped UFO's over East Valley Phoenix VERY LOW!!!

My girlfriend, 15 year old daughter and myself were heading North bound on Ironwood to the 60 freeway from our home in Queen Creek. We were on our way to flagstaff and sedona talking about all the things to do. Something had caught my eye at my 1 o’clock, when I looked up I saw a Giant X with one large white dome looking light coming from the center and small red lights going down each part of the four wings. It was less than 300 feet from is and moving very slow, maybe 10mph. I yelled WTF IS THAT!!! And started slowing the car, it was massive in size, about 100 yards from corner to corner, enough to block out light. We watched for about 3-4 minutes before it accelerated, turned vertical and split into 4 different pieces that took a linear formation in the sky. When we got on the 60 west freeway, we saw another hovering above a residential area parallel to the freeway, cars were pulled over observing it, I was going about 30 mph an hour in the fast lane while my daughter was trying to get a picture. The craft accelerated fast and disappeared in seconds heading the south east direction. Lastly, miles later, we observed another fly above us. Still low an altitude, moving very quickly back towards the direction of the last one. All 3 were identical, all X shaped and clearly visible.

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