UFO Sighting in Sofia, Sofia-city on April 27th 2014 – It beamed red,yellow and blue on and on.It stayed still for 3-4 min. and just dissapeared.

I was in my home.Suddenly i saw bright object with different beaming lights.I immediately thought it was an airplane.But the object didn’t move at all.Then i thought it was a star, and still it was strange , because it beamed 3-4 different lights constantly.It was bright. After 3-4 min ( i don’t know exactly) it just disappeared.
I’m watching the area ,where the object was ,but nothing is there now.
I’m so so so so so sorry i didn’t have the chance to photo it ( i don’t have a camera). Think what you want , but for me it was undentified flying object!
I was stunned and my heartbeat was faster than usual.
Sorry for bad english , I’m from Bulgaria.

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