UFO Sighting in Lincoln City, OR., Oregon on December 9th 2013 – oon. Woke up and went to the window, opened curtains aout of the waves. The object was stationary. After a while the lights tu

I was sleeping at the hotel and around four a.m. I woke up and went to the window, opened the curtains to see the moon on the waves.The ocean was calm, very little wave action. All of a sudden I realize there are lights coming from under the water, it’s stationary and right at the edge of the wave line. It looked like a disk shape and about 100 ft. wide, 6 light’s shooting out through the water. The white of the wave caught the light but it moved on and the object stayed stationary. After about 25 minutes the lights went out all at the same time . Saw nothing come out of the water or movement in the water. This all happened 75 feet from my room.

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