UFO Sighting in San Francisco, California on April 28th 2014 – UFO was shape like Saturn, though ring was wider so that sphere of UFO looked more ship-like than planet-like. It was a light metallic with a glowing center which looked solid, and an Orange Sacral Chakra glow, shadow of metallic ring visible,had depth.

At 6:25 Am as I stood outside across the street from the Triangle of the TransAmerica Tower, looking toward Embarcadero and the Pacific Ocean, I saw it in all of its magnificence–not just a UFO, but an actual spaceship. It looked large, like the size of a Moon–shining with an Extraterrestrial ring around it, much like Planet Saturn. However, it was Sacral Chakra Orange, with a glowing orb inside of it which had a metallic hue to it. It was solid in appearance and had a white aura around it which gave the appearance of vibration. It was facing North toward Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf.

As much as I’ve wanted to see one, I still couldn’t believe what I was seeing with my physical eyes to be real. I glanced down for a moment, looked back up, and there it was!! It stole my breath away. Even after watching it for what felt like ages, I still questioned what I was seeing and experiencing. I turned my head all the way to the right, and this time, when I looked ahead, the ship was gone.

I speak Telepathically with Extraterrestrials who have shown themselves to me in the physical world. As I saw the UFO, Andrew the Extraterrstrial confirmed it was indeed a UFO.

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