Black Triangle Sighting in Oceanside, California on April 27th 2014 – Trinangle dark shap with dim yellow red lights under. V Shape. Going East to west.

Oceanside Ca. suburbs 5 miles east of coast.I was Outside in my yard, About 830-840 pm turning off the BBQ when I noticed something distorted out in the west sky, as it got closer I noticed it was big 50-60 feet wide, then my patio blocked my view. So then I quickly moved for a better view, to see a Large dark V shaped object hovering, and moving quickly around 80 mph or so,, and maybe 60-100 feet over the tree lines. It headed straight to me, and as it passed over head I can see the triangle V shape, with dim lights under the object, 3-4 round lights on one side, and the same on the other side yellowish orange underside only. It passed over, then lost site over the trees,, so I ran out the gate, to see a small glimpse of the object disappear to the west over the houses. I Was shocked! but it was awesome!

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