The "scientific community" and Anomalies.

For any observant person it should be evident that there is already more than enough “evidence” to justify a serious study of the anomalies that are being observed all over the world.

The continual lack of that serious study is really baffling. We could be in the presence of a “natural” phenomenon, very complex, but natural at the end. These anomalies could be living beings that have been in the upper levels of the atmosphere always and only in very specific conditions they move into lower levels.

Somebody once said to me that these of observations that are done for some people and published in YouTube never are going to have any “traction” on the scientific community. Well that is another confirmation of the existing extreme dogmatism in science that is unable to look at all sources, but also these people can be considered as amateurs and amateurs make scientific discoveries all the time.

This have been overlooked for too long already, it is past time that serious attention is dedicated to it. We really do not know the ramifications of these manifestations, but they are real and as part of reality it should be of scientific interest, the lack of scientific interest on this part of reality is really unscientific to say the least.

These anomalies have been observed multiple times moving around cloud level and below cloud level, so they move in the same altitude that our flying airplanes, so just by air navigation security concerns this phenomenon should be seriously studied.

In an additional note: If anomalies are so pervasive inside our atmosphere( should be also en near space, multiple un-official video footage confirm that, I am assuming that astronauts are informed of that reality and the possible “close” encounter with one of these anomalies, no informing astronauts of that possibility will really put them in danger, it is impossible to predict the reaction that anybody will have when one of these anomalies is at short distance and a protocol should be in place in case one is at short range.

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