UFO Sighting in Seattle, Washington on April 24th 2014 – Huge green fireball trailing orange fire with low East to West trajectory

I was out on the front porch and had just turned to the north when I saw a huge green fireball trailing orange fire off of it streak on a low flat trajectory from east to west. It was probably no higher than 30 degrees in the sky at beginning, lowering to about 20 degrees, and covered aprox. 60 degrees of travel during sighting. It was so spectacular that I screamed through the sighting, so if it made any noise, I didn’t hear it. There were a few brighter flashes off of it as it passed. It was the greenest green imaginable, and glowing like a blow-torch, and vibrant like green laser. It was a large ball, not a pinpoint of light. It lit the sky up around it for quite a ways. Though it passed behind trees, they seemed to disappear from its brightness. I could not not really tell, bcause of obstacles, whether it terminated or kept going on, but the flashes I saw were probably that in progress.
I was hesitant at first to report to MUFON what may be merely a meteor, but, as it would have to be copper that makes it burn green, it would have to be rare indeed. After reading up on green fireballs (and this is my 3rd, one in 1971 while approaching the Owyhee mountains in the Southeast corner of Oregon and said to be Russian space debris )and the well known one over Western Washington, in the mid-2000’s, and now. I found that these may be something other than a meteor, and that sightings have appeared in some quite unusual clusters in the same areas, and with some association with UFO activity. Therefore, I hope my report is of some use in this respect. I did also report this to the American Meteorological Society on the night of.

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