One of the worst UFO programs I have seen

I have just watched a recording I had from the other night. This was from Channel5 in the UK. I quite frankly rarely watch it, but it was about UFO’s and I of course recorded it. It was dreadful journalism. It was bias from the start and made those who had seen look like fools as they gave more airtime to those who want not to believe and make it their job to disprove it.
Secret History of UFOs | Secret History of UFOs | Channel 5
It was light and lacking the true facts. The producer obviously wanted a cheap show and an audience puller with very little facts. It skimmed the stories of Roswell and those that wanted to say their were aliens. Then gave a lot of airtime to quite a few who wanted to ensure that all those believers are nutters. What a shame as there were a couple of good people on there that only were allowed a few sentences

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