UFO Sighting in Antioch, California on April 28th 2014 – i woke at 11:40 april 28 and looked out my window i heard like someone was kicking my fence and looked up and seen 2 red orange objects

it was april 28″th at 11:40 pm i woke up and i turned tv on and 5 minutes latter i heard a loud banging on one of the side or back fences it was so loud we have possums and racoons but they never made that noise it sounded like someone was hitting and kicking the fence i heard it before but down the street but first time on my fence i have my room upstairs so i jumped up and grabbed my super bright led flashlight and shined it out my bedroom window as the fence was banging and saw the woman’s little dog next door calm and staring up so i look up and saw 2 reddish orange basketball or beach ball size orbs is all i can say they look like but real bright and to me looked like 10 feet over the tree they were coming from the north then they started traveling south over my house and stopped over my house so i ran woke my brother up and told him ufo’s they were silent and they are outside then ran downstairs woke mom up told her i was the first out the front door and a second latter my brother and mother came out but before they made it out the door they started moving south from hovering over my house and we watched them travailing slow and one was behind the other and was lower we watched them going south and kept going after they past the peoples house across the street and the first one started to flicker out but my brother and i saw it was a saucer shape and had a matalic dark redesh orange color to the craft then it lit back up the one behind it stayed lit the whole time and we watched them going toward mt diablo it happened about from 11:40 to 11:55 i been seeing these ufo”s for 2 or 3 years but every time i been hearing those loud bangs and kicking on the fences i see the ufo”s i get a scared feeling and feel numb when they are around and my flashlights die fast i have to charge them after every time they are around but the last 2 or 3 years most of the time i see them they are parking over my neighborhood allot i don’t know what they want and the womans dog next door has never been that calm before there was a possum on the fence her dog goes crazy but not hat night but i feel they want me my brother or parents know it sounds stupid but that’s what i feel i tried to take a pic but bat goes dead or wont turn on i have bad fibromyalgia so its hard to type here i wish here was someone i can talk to in a mufon office i can tell better than type

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