UFO Sighting in Tonopah, Nevada on August 9th 1947 – Subjects father and sister found a UFO craft in the Nevada desert in 1947

subjects father and sister going out to her mine, the lost cowgirl mine, in august of 1947. They saw something blink and shine in the sun off the side of the road
they drove over there and found a silverish disk shaped craft sitting in the sand
the middle section was ripped showing metal and metallic type debris inside It came from from east by south east and crashed up against a rock ledge
the bottom of the craft was bowl shaped
They tried to pick it up, it weighed 70 or 80 lbs and it was 7 or 8 feet across they put in the back of the truck
they didn’t know what to do with it so they took to local sheriff in Tonopah or Parump
two days later an army guy and guy in suit showed up, took the craft and said it was a matter of national security and to not talk to anyone about the
They remember it had unfamiliar symbols written on it
The craft was whole and no bodies were seen.

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