Black Triangle Sighting in Gaylord, Michigan on July 20th 2012 – seen 5 trianle lights above trees 2 min. then disapeared no structure at all i know what i seen will never keep quiet about this

I was coming home 1/4 mile from my house then noticed 5 bright stationary triangular lights above the trees pulled my car over got out looking up at this I couldnot believe what I was seeing I was not just seeing things I know what I saw. I then saw the two lights on left go out then two on the right went out then the one in the middle like shrunk to a disappearing like withdrew completely. there was no noise no nothing just clear blue sky no clouds or nothing I will not be quiet about this ever no matter what anyone military or otherwise will say. coverups just make me upset. ifmufon contacts me then ok ps. im allergic to sodiumpenathal so don’t try that either as seen on some mufon tv shows I have seen

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