UFO Sighting in Beaverton, Oregon on May 1st 2014 – solid illumination orange red light became masked disk observed straight overhead through clouds

exiting building from work at 9:06pm; weather conditions; sun below horizon; wind from west 3 miles per hour; visibility 10 miles; weather a few clouds; sky condition – FEW060 & FEW250; air 76 degrees; dew point -44; Rel Humidity 32%;

witnessed viewing towards 260 degrees (west) 30 degrees above the horizon a bight orange/ red solid illumination. (light did not flash like an aviation beacon nor did it appear to be aircraft light landing lights) watched solid orange red light grow larger and increase in horizon as it appeared to be in a straight flight path

at 50 degrees above the horizon the light appeared to become distorted and illumination dulled (light a photoshop blur effect) distortion was still visible but dull. at 80 degrees above the horizon past over head south facing backdown to 70 degrees over the horizon a round disc object was observed through thin clouds.

object traveled distance from 260 degrees west to 100 degrees east over a period of four minutes. Flight path observed was straight line.

no sound heard. I assumed light might be satellite / until distortion and disc through clouds observed. F

One other commercial aircraft with flashing red aviation beacon from north heading south appeared to be making flight adjustment around the unidentified object flight path that I observed. (assumed to be a departure from PDX airport)

no other unusual activity observed in sky during drive home (west) that evening.

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