UFO Sighting in Española, New Mexico on April 28th 2014 – Strange craft with emmisions flying in the Chemtrails counteracting aerial spray?

It was approximately 10am and I was driving north towards Espanola from Santa Fe when I first saw this unusual craft with a small emissions tail/trail. Truthfully this would be the first time I’ve ever seen exhaust coming out of a celestial aircraft in my over 200 plus sightings from 2010 to the present, and hundreds before. I’m a bit suspicious because of that fact, that it even IS celestial in nature. They don’t usually leave exhaust but be that as it may, that morning I saw the ubiquitous Chem trails in front of me up in the sky, and something in them.

At first I saw a very faint con trail and/or glow up where the Chem trails were when all of a sudden I saw a small cylindrical, with an offset dome on top, type craft appear, and go across the sky up amongst the trails. At first it went in one direction, east to west and then, exactly as i saw it go one way, I saw it go the opposite direction, west to east. Each time there was a faint glow as if it were somewhat cloaked cept the contrail and THEN it would appear.

The reason why I say I’m a bit suspicious is because . .. well, this IS New Mexico after all; Los Alamos, Las Cruces, White Sands notwithstanding Roswell, so a NEW type of Military craft that sprays deadly chemicals on unsuspecting citizens could explain it. However after hundreds of sightings, you kind of get the feel on how celestial crafts operate and move and navigate. I believe it is exactly what I saw. I can provide sketches as well.

When the “big guns” in aircraft came out and continued to spray their Chem Trails with a vengeance, seems that’s when the “small craft” disappeared. Is there some connection one to the other? I think so but… that is another story.

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