UFO Sighting in Gloucester Township, New Jersey on April 20th 2014 – Two lights at starlike distance moved towards each other, swirled around each other, moved off in opposite directions.

On the evening of April 20, 2014 (Easter Sunday) my wife and I, along with her brother and his friend, returned to my home after eating out Easter dinner. At about 7pm, the four of us went out into my backyard to enjoy a relaxing time in my hot tub.
Around 730pm, I was looking up at the stars above my back yard. It was a crystal clear evening. I was curious about what I was looking at, so I used Google SkyMap to identify the ‘Little Dipper’ (Ursa Minor) constellation right above my head.
While I was looking at the little dipper, two (what I thought were stars) began moving. They were on opposite sides of the little dipper ‘bowl’ area, basically to the left and right. These two lights moved towards each other in a straight line, when they came within an inch of each other (from my view) they swirled around each other twice, then moved off in opposite directions in a straight now.
The lights did not stop at the original locations that I first noticed them, they kept moving away until I could no longer see them. This whole event lasted about 90 seconds of so. I thought to myself, these ‘lights’ were too far away to be planes, and I know of no man-made technology that can perform the maneuver that I witnessed.

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