UFO Sighting in Santa Fe, New Mexico on April 29th 2014 – Just driving when saucer like craft appeared, tilted some then disappeared

Before I left to run my errands, I had a discussion with a friend that of all the over 200 plus sightings I’ve had between the years of 2010 to the present, which many I reported to MUFON most of which occurred in Redding California, I had never seen a saucer like craft before, only mostly HUGE orbs, diamond shape, rectangles large and small and one almost industrial looking in nature.

At 11:20am I was on my way and going up a rise on the way to the freeway I noticed a light moving; a reflective light. After the experiences I’ve had with how ET craft move, how they appear and disappear, cloak and change and leave the planet with a bright light before exiting our atmosphere, I realized it was one of my celestial friends an not aircraft belonging to earth.

As I observed the light it appeared as an elongated, huge craft that at first I thought was cylindrical in shape but before disappearing in the atmosphere, it tilted towards me and I could see that it was a huge saucer like craft albeit a very smooth and streamlined looking one with reflective outside materials. It tilted towards me and then just disappeared.

I always feel great after seeing my celestial friends come by to say hello. I am in contact with them constantly and have been interviewed and written about because of my sightings, even to the point where the Headline read, “Is Redding the new hotspot” or something to that effect and interviewed by Roger Marsh’s online program. I am writing about my experiences and of the connection’s i have with ET, as they communicate with me daily and have left a symbol which I am still trying to understand.

I have no sketches to submit now but I can draw one if you want to see it.

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