UFO Sighting in Brunswick, Ohio on May 2nd 2014 – 12 round orange objects with red outlines following a jet

Four of us were standing outside of a restaurant talking in Ohio, at Bennett Corners (at the intersection of Strongsville and Brunswick cities), approximately 11:00 on 5-02-2014. One of us looked up and said “Look”, and we observed a plane with blinking red lights flying at a normal high altitude, followed at a distance by at first six round orange balls with red outlines. These were spaced apart, and were following at approximately the same speed. These were joined by 5-6 more at a lower altitude than the others appearing like two rows. All objects traveled starting SW heading N until they disappeared from visual sight. Ironically, all of us had seen one object of similar appearance to these before! I photographed one of these flying from the S heading N last summer in the same vicinity.

None of us were actually surprised, what was surprising was how many of these there were, and they were following a plane which appeared to be a jet. Two of us tried to photograph and film with cell phones, but the glare from the parking lot lights prevented any usable documentation. The objects were far away in the distance overhead.

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