UFO Sighting in Huntington Beach, California on May 1st 2014 – Noticed large round disk moving above and past my house rotating type lights

Walked out of slider doors on to patio from dining room. Going to water
plants as the day was hot and dry. Just looked up at clear sky and immediately saw a round disk to my left shoulder traveling to the east. It was round and a spoke (omg a ufo)
moving very fast and was pulsating (spinning around side of object) pinkish lights. I noticed a cloudy like ora around the object, but it was not breaking into clouds as it was a clear evening. It was high in the sky like air plane would fly if in our area. The object simply disappeared from the sky, did not dart out sight. I ran in the house and told my daughter who was reading in the living room. I said to her, “ok now I’m a believer”. I saw what i saw. I am forever changed now. I think I will start taking this a little more seriously from this day forward.

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