UFO Sighting in Midwest City, Oklahoma on May 2nd 2014 – 4 yellow-orange lights moving from the north to the south, stopped and made abrupt descents towards the ground, one after the other.

First observed what looked to be an odd-colored star to the west, as it was just stationary in the sky, suddenly fell straight down. Went inside and when I came back out there were two more yellow-orange glowing lights coming quickly from the north, heading south towards the area the first object had fallen. Once they reached that location the second light made an abrupt 90 degree turn and fell towards the ground. Before the 3rd object made the same turn towards the ground a fourth object was observed moving much faster, almost as if it were trying to intercept the two. The third object started to descend but it’s light went out before dropping below the tree line. All the objects were slightly higher than the rooftops.

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