UFO Sighting in Ocala, Florida on April 25th 2014 – Both objects stayed with the moon. Until both vanished.

I was outside of my home taking pictures of the moon. It was full and it was a cloudy night.

The object just started showing up as I focused my camera.

I thought it was odd. One was tiny and white and the other a beautiful green orb. Smooth like a balloon. But shiny.

The huge green orb stayed near the moon. Just hung out near the light of the full moon. The white one was a great deal smaller and was closer but looked much higher in the sky.

I have pictures!!!

I was unnerved but very curious. Saw many more strange objects while living in Colorado. I will make another report regarding the largest object I ever saw while living out there.

It left!

I did not send any photos of the solid white object that I also photographed with the green object.

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