Aliens, Humans, Intelligence and Evolution in the Universe

One must realize that assuming the likelihood of so-called intelligent life evolving from a human point of view is very limited and based upon the human perspective and a paradigm of what humans perceive as intelligence – Other species of being may be so far advanced in comprehension so as to make human intelligence appear to them as not intelligent – as humans might consider the basic actions and reactions of ants. Man in many ways is an egotistical fool who believes in his superiority on Earth and in the universe – this may be true on Earth but in the universe it is not necessarily so.

One should also consider that the human comprehensive paradigm is based on organic biological life – There may be other forms of intelligent life in the universe that are not organic or biological – It is conceivable that some forms of intelligent beings utilized matter and the elements in an entirely different paradigm, and in fact might be more machine like in nature. These entities may evolve, if they do evolve, much differently than biological evolution. There are some alien theorists who believe the so called ‘greys’ are such beings and are not biologically alive in the sense humans call life.

Humans should really do a better job at attempting to understand what it means to be intelligent before assuming that they posses the quality of higher intelligence – there may be many levels and types of life and intelligence in the universe.

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