UFO Sighting in Eureka, California on January 2nd 2001 – In paking space at my duplex, observed what appeared to be a colorless helicopter hovering. helicopter flew away and this object appeared about 50 feet over my apt. While hovering silent and motionless saw a being behind opaque square windows in a dome.

I consider this event to be rare with U.F.O. sightings. I also think it is the real deal! I drove into my parking lot around 10 P.M.on the date specified in Eureka, CA where I was living at the time. I was in my car and shut off the engine and lights and heard a helicopter hovering in the distance. I looked up over my apt.(duplex) and saw what appeared to be a black helicopter hovering in the background about 200 feet above the ground with one pilot inside because the cockpit light was on. It hovered for only a few minutes as if it was looking around and then flew off. The night was very dark and there was no moonlight. A minute or two later I was getting ready to leave my car thinking it was only a police copter checking the area and all of a sudden there appeared what seemed to me like another helicopter only about 50 feet over the apt. Interior lights came on and I could see what appeared to be a round dome like what you would see on the under side of a blimp, but it was larger than anything I have ever seen on a blimp even at close range. the windows were fairly large and opaque colored, sort of with a translucsent sheen. Inside I saw this figure standing that looked like a large human. It had very broad shoulders, big arms and what appeared to be a fairly large head. I couldn’t make out any other features because of the opaque windows with a metal-like sheen. The being appeared to move (walk) around the cockpit almost robotic-like adjusting different controls which I could not see. The craft hovered silently over the apt. with no movement, no outside lights and absolutely no noise as I discovered when I opened my side window. It didn’t move, however there was no wind blowing either. I felt very apprehensive and decided not to get out. I sure had never seen a blimp like this, however I could not see the shape or size of the craft because there was very little light in the parking lot and no moonlight and the craft itself had no exterior lights. The being inside did not appear to be hostile, just curious. I thought for a minute and decided to communicate with it by flashing my car headlights on and off in a random manner, something that I remembered from the movie,”Close Encounters of a third Kind”. As I did so, its outside lights came on and flashed back at me in the same pattern and sequence that I was using. The lights were white and very bright curving and encomposing the bottom front of the craft just below what appeared to be a curving disk. We did this for a few minutes and remembered that I smiled a little. I shut my lights off and it did so almost immediately after. A few seconds later it shut off its interior lights and everything was pitch black again. I could hear no sound what so ever if the craft flew away or just disappeared. Also, there were no other people around as witnesses because most of the people are asleep there at that time as attested to by the fact that no other house or apt. lights were on then. I still think about the incident to this day and often wonder if it was all just a joke and it was really just a black blimp of some kind. However, I know that I sure didn’t sleep well that night! In the past there have been several sightings around the Eureka area only of strange objects hovering or landing from various people in the area including Yurok and Hupa native americans. I don’t know if these people are even around there anymore.

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