UFO Sighting in Idaho on May 1st 2014 – Was most amazing thing I've ever seen

First off I’d like to say I’ve seen few objects never to be identified and this thing was the most amazing beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Was shaped like a golden red bell even had the knocker looking thing just like a bell does . But it was a solid object no moving parts. No motor no sounds.im guessing it’s size to be bigger than at least 3 airplanes . Also in my pictures I noticed a cloud that seemed to appear and then disappear at which at the time I took photos I was more drawn to the golden red bell. I was on a public bus and everyone on bus rather they want to admit it they all saw the same thing. I’ve spent every day since then looking for others with pictures or just the story. I’ve heard it was said on radio the bell shaped object was going down the road this is a hour after I saw it. Also the golden bell does not look like a golden bell at all as I saw in my pics and the one other I found about this object. I’d like to thank the little boy who spoke up saying daddy what’s that in the sky. If not for there conversation I’d not seen it for myself. If I could go back I’d got off that bus and seen just how it ended it’s beautiful show.

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