UFO Sighting in Liberty, Indiana on May 4th 2014 – Descending orange flame, then ascending from flame, a white glowing orb

At 12:20 am May 4,2014, I was laying in bed watching TV. The curtains to my bedroom were slightly parted when out of the corner of my right eye I noticed a bright orange object which looked like it may have been the new moon, however, the object was descending with a tail and looked like a fire off to the west. I dismissed for about a minute, looked back and watched. It had not moved, but still looked like a fire in the sky. It hovered for a minute or two, when I noticed a glowing white orb directly above it in a completely straight line with the fireball. The fireball, with a tail now, sank out of view into the horizon. Orb immediately disappeared upwards. This occurred for about 20 minutes. As I am disabled, I could not get to camera fast enough. This is similar to a sighting my late husband and I had on Dunlapsville Rd. while returning from and Elks meeting. Joe Shields was the investigator. My elderly cat was laying on my arm, too, and would not let me move. My reaction, believe it or not, was that this is becoming commonplace around here, but having science degrees, it does beg the question as to what these things are.

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