Black Triangle Sighting in Lee's Summit, Missouri on May 1st 2014 – Lights that hovered, had triangular shapes

About 10:45 pm on May 1st, I was looking out the front door side panel windows at a bright light that seemed to be approaching from the southeast. I got my astronomical binoculars out to get a better image. (I have a Celestron Skymaster, 12×60, FOV 5.3 degrees). Intrigued, I kept watching until I realized it was likely a jet on approach to eventually going to KC Airport. A second one followed a minute or so later.

So, I decided to just look elsewhere to the left (east) and noticed what looked like a satellite initially. It was about 35 degrees from the horizon upward. Since the view was obstructed by the porch, I went into the bedroom where an upper window looked out to the sky. It was a dark room that gave me better view of the phenomenon too. The first light I saw seemed to move to the left for a short ways (a finger width)and then I noticed that it was very difficult to get a fix on it because it just seemed to keep jumping all over the view.

Then I realized that there were at least three lights that kept blinking in a pattern roughly counter-clockwise–giving it a shape of a triangle. This realization really got my excitement up. I knew that this was no longer a satellite, or anything I had ever seen before. The triangular flashing light pattern continued.

I then noticed that not only was there those three lights… but there were multiple lights that seemed to just all of a sudden be there and pulsating… perhaps a dozen or more that just kept pulsing off and on all around the triangle. I recall white, reddish, and greenish colors. Now I was very interested in what was going on…My first view of what may be called an unknown flying object–for sure at least– and wanted to try to record it with my camera’s video feature on a tripod.

I took the camera out to the front porch, but by that point it was not visible. Partially the problem may have been glare from a street light at the end of the road… but I tried to record the sky in two locations that approximated where I had been looking… but I don’t think anything remained to be observed. It took about 5 minutes for me to get the camera set up, but the lights had either gone away somewhere else, or stopped pulsating….because I could no longer find them.

I kept observing the sky for a few minutes longer with my binoculars, and saw what looked like a meteorite burn through the atmosphere not far from where the lights had been (about 60 degrees, or ENE)and same angle of about 35 to 40 degrees up from the horizon… in the sky… I have never seen a meteorite with binoculars before… it lasted longer than usual–perhaps 2 seconds–and had more of a fire trail than I had ever noticed before too.

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