I don't know what are these….

On May 03, Saturday, last Saturday, I was at a national park. It was around 2-3pm when I stopped at a overlook and took some photos.

I use iPhone, so I tried the panoramas photos and the normal photos. I didn’t see any green light or any light when shooting the photos. My friend did the same.

As we keep on driving and I looked at the photos, I found green light dots on several photos, not at the same spot, but pretty far from each other.

It was pretty bright, so it couldn’t be camp fire even it was the good camping time of year. I first thought those were sun light glare, but they obviously do not look like glare, not at all.

I checked my friend’s photos, same happen. But when we moved to the next overlook to see if they are just some sun light glare, nothing happened.

I don’t know what are these….Can’t see with nake eyes, but can be captured by cameras….Has anyone seen the same?

Some of the photos as in below.(As you can see, there are the normal glares, and those weird green light dots.)


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