"Skinny Bob" videos revisited

I wanted to share these videos again on the films of “skinny bob” uploaded by youtube uploader Ivan0135 and get input on why you believe its fake/not fake. Here are some main reasons why people believe its fake which I attempt to disagree.

The sound of the projector is a dead give away it is fake, if it was real it would more likely be a silent film.

There is an obvious answer, the movie is being watched on an old film projector as would have been used as early as the 40’s. The projector is projecting on a screen while being filmed with a more current video recorder that made the videos able to be uploaded, so you actually hear the projector running.

The font used for the numbers on the recording are fake, a font perhaps profiled in the 80’s or 90’s that was added in the video to make it seem more official. The fading in and out of the font also is means to imply that the numbers are perhaps on the projection rather than the more recent video which doesn’t make sense as a projector wouldn’t have this type of font.

No one knows the technology and capabilities that either military and even KGB employed in there documentation. If real, the video could have went through many different recording processes that perhaps in fact used these types of numbers in documentation.

It’s obvious CGI.

If this is CGI, than kudos to someone who only made four or five small films and uploaded anonymously to youtube three years ago and hasn’t since uploaded anything since. Hats off to the CGI movement and it’s ability to look closer to reality than Lord of the rings Gollum artists. It should also be noted that the alien isn’t the only thing uploaded, but a ufo on what appears to be similar in its quality and surrounding landscape. To me this is more compelling than even the more recent “Victor” videos. Skinny Bob looks more like the more benevolent beings as I understand with my ET studies. They look more human and perhaps oriental and this look is in more corroboration with descriptions of the “J-rod” being at area 51. This photo below is one I have always regarded as a primary source, and these beings look similar to the the being captured init his photo.

I ask you this, if you were to upload a video to youtube, say anything made in the 40’s, look at all the old black and white films you can find on youtube and compare the effects you get, how would you get them on youtube from the original film?

Here is a link to the original videos and the original youtube uploader Ivan0135. It took be a bit to find this youtube page. It is odd to me the user only uploads these videos 3 years ago, and that there is little more information given.


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