UFO Sighting in Atlanta, Georgia on April 30th 2014 – mothership turned to cloud

it was tuesday morning, I was leaving homedepot and as im walking out the door I just look up. its just something I do now due to the experiences ive encounter in the past. well back to what I was saying I was looking up while I was leaving home depot something really big came down really low above me forming a mushroom shape cloud camouflaging itself under it. im looking around me and there’s no one around me, no noise and I started seeing things come out from under it were black disk objects, and one that was just hovering observing everything around me, this object is on the right side of the cloud. and the other to the top left of the cloud. I also noticed a small figure on top of the van in front of me really small green camouflage figure.I quickly jumped in my work van took a pic, caught all three images in one. than took another one when the objects that were hovering were going back into the cloud, and whatever was on that van in front of me disappears. than within 2 minutes or so the cloud goes out of a mushroom shaped cloud to nothing and the object below disappears.

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