UFO Sighting in Madison, Minnesota on June 25th 1980 – Four total UFO's. Two at a time all in twenty minute time frame.

Chris M, Don G and myself, with myself driving where heading west to Madison, MN from White Bear Lake, MN where I have relatives to go camping for the weekend. Left in the evening after we all got off work and had had dinner. All three of us where 19 years old at that time. It is a three hour drive to our destination. We where about 2 and a half hours into drive heading west on MN highway 40 and it was just at dark with nothing but farm land as far as you can see in all directions. I caught sight of something off in the distinct to my right. As I am driving west the object I saw was heading south we where getting closer to each other. I was getting to the spot on the highway where we would meet, so I pulled over and waited for it to come south to us. When we got close to each other we saw it was two aircrafts flying head to tail in a straight line. We all three stayed inside the van looking out the front windshield and watched the two three story apartment building size crafts pass by in front of us. They where going slow maybe three to five miles per hour. They where identical crafts parallelogram shape 40 feet tall 200 feet long and 20 feet wide with three rows of windows on the sides each about 10 feet by 10 feet. The bottom of the craft had what looked like a trap door two panels that would open to one opening size of 15ft x 30 ft. in the center of the crafts bottom side. They where gray metallic in color with the windows all lite up white. We watched them go off to the south out of sight in about a ten minuet time span. They both had two round orange red glowing spots on the rear of the craft, One on top of the other. After they where out of sight we all three where in shock of what we just saw. I sat there on the side of the highway for about five minutes. When I went to pull out and start heading west again I noticed that two other cars had pulled over behind me also. We started west again and about two miles down the highway I saw two more of the same crafts again to my right. They where identical to the two we just watched. This time when I pulled over Don and I both got out of the van and stood in the middle of the highway watching them fly right over our heads. I stood there with my chin on the floor in awe of what I was seeing. Don G was waving his arms above his head yelling beam me up. We could hear a deep rumble as they passed us going to the south same as two prior. You could feel the ground vibrating under our feet. They had no wings or any propulsion from the bottom. We thought they must of had some kind of magnetic force to keep them up? Remember they are the size of apartment buildings in the air 30ft above our heads barely moving. When we could not see them anymore we released Chris M was not out in the road with us. We found him hiding in the back of the van scared out of his mind. That was 34 years ago and I will never forget it. I know that changed my life for ever. Sometimes I think that maybe I was under a spell of even abducted because it seemed to be such a long time we watched this event and had some difficulty with time frames between the three of us?

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