UFO Sighting in Providence, Rhode Island on September 29th 2012 – Just appeared out of nowhere.

It was supposed to be a regular night where my husband and I would go outside to look to the sky with the telescope! I was standing to his left when I suddently looked up and saw this UFO “machine” rectangle brown colour moving slowly, when I called out to my husband to take a look at it and pointed it, it started to go faster until it dissapeard, he just took a glazed at it, I was amazed and felt somewhat scared, we took everything and went inside! This has not been my only episode of seeing UFO’s! I have also felt that they call me out of my house to see them, or to know that they’re there! Have tons of dreams with them coming to get me, really strange since everywhere I go.. I feel they’re watching me. Have seen them a total of 7 times during my lifetime, am now 25 yrs old. Wonder how much more and if I have something they might want from me?!

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