UFO Sighting in Sedona/Village of Oak Cre, Arizona on May 4th 2014 – Standing at the entrance to Bell Rock Trail in the VOC, my husband and I saw a sandwich like shape with blue red/orange with line in btw moving in straight line then disappear after about 10 seconds of watching.

My husband and I were walking back to the trailhead of Bell Rock Trail in the Village of Oak Creek in Sedona AZ. We both saw a sandwich like shape in front of the mouton across the street from us. It looked like a circle of light red to orange on top then a line more metallic then bright blue below. The blue overpower a bit and the colors blended together. We compared the object to the people we saw hiking atop nearby mountains The people looked like ants so we thought the object must be the size of a car or more. The mountain is red and we could see the object very well with the mt. as back ground. The object moved in a perfectly straight line from north to south for about 10 seconds then vanished. From our observation it disappeared at the end of the mountain so perhaps it could have turned the corner. The mountain is very high and we ruled out it being any kind of high tech toy based on the size and perfect straight line and it seemed to completely disappear in our sight.

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