Tired Of Ufology?….NEVER!

Hi guys,…… I couldn’t help noticing a familiar and slightly disappointing trend that seems to be manifesting more and more on this and other like-minded forums,,,And it put me in the kind of crabby mood to comment!…and that is the kind of weird type of apathy that is creeping into the consciousness of an ever-growing amount of the inquisitive souls that populate these boards in the pursuit of knowledge!..I do of course include all of the members that participate in [and even the folk that just prefer to predominantly lurk] on the forum. My intention is not to just single out certain members , but to address what I consider is the very reason for this form of negativity that seems to be sweeping through this fascinating field of legitimate study…..and that is a combination of organised disinformation which is and has been constantly propagated by a powerful hidden authority and it’s various covert agents for the best part of a century…and also the self-styled ‘super-debunkers‘ that are in fact no more debunkers than you or I !…And it is not the genuine debunker that I refer to…It is ‘The Pelicanist‘ …they are the ones that set themselves up as great authorities on the subject!..the ones that usually claim that unless there is undeniable physical evidence such as a crashed saucer, or an alien corpse to present to the boffins at the peer review college,…”then the incident is a hoax or a weather balloon”…the ones that are so quick to adamantly assert that “the radar must be faulty, and the passengers, crew and a couple veteran pilots were foolishly-mistaken or not smart enough to recognise the obvious prosaic explanation that was staring them in the face” …or if they get stuck for a stretched-out eye-squinting catch-all mundane explanation ,..then the old chestnut of “Their lying” is whipped out , delivered with a sagely nod!….You know the kind of Pelicanist that i’m talking about..Menzel, Klass, Sheaffer, Sherma, Ridpath, Oberg to name but a few!
It is a bit of a chimeric mystery how these guys whom often come across as possessing some level of intelligence and usually have a background of some kind of scientific or technical career in their distant past , [but are predominantly opinionated journalists] garner such a loyal following , even when promulgating the most unlikely and often ludicrous alternate scenarios for the reported event….but alas, thrive they do! [and no doubt make a decent living out of it as well!]
These are not to be confused with the ‘real Sceptics’ on the subject!….The guys who are for all intents and purposes here for the same reasons as any of us ETH proponents… And that is to try and get to the bottom of this great world-wide and historical mystery!…The difference being that ‘they have yet to have digested and evaluated any case or testimony that they personally consider as being strong enough for them to come to the remarkable conclusion that the ETH is probable‘…Which is an honourable and perfectly acceptable position to hold!…So long as they do not go the extra mile and publicly denounce the possibility. ..Which to my way of thinking transforms a ‘real sceptic’ into something else!…We often call these chaps ‘Debunkers’ which is really erroneous, because imho there are two different kinds of ‘Debunker’!… there are the ones that are adamant that there is always an alternative prosaic explanation for any given extraterrestrial event,…but when confronted with a case that contains seemingly insurmountable testimonial-evidence,..will defer judgement until “more information becomes available”. …And then there is the other kind of ‘Debunker’ [or ‘pelicanist’ as they should be named!] someone that would never be prepared to budge an inch from their stance of ‘there being no possibility at all of the ETH being factual’, and are perfectly happy to proffer ‘any old silly explanation’ to explain away even the strongest of anomalous situations!…And unfailingly deliver these ‘pearls of fatuity’ with a disrespectful condescendence and typically invokes the over used phrases of ’empirical evidence’ and ‘scientifically reviewed’ etc!…[you know the kind of characters that I mean!…yep the ones that usually manage to systematically contradict themselves]!
The Bottom line is: UFOs are real. You can decide to debate what ‘kind of real?’ they are, but you have to start at least from that basis. And there’s no ignoring the strangeness of them and copping out with simple mundanities , this is a serious complex mystery. These events are markedly strange. Furthermore, to assume some simplistic bonehead hand-wave-off of an “explanation” is intellectually crippled if not downright dishonest… and it is certainly insulting to the intelligence of everyone to insist that it is the more mundane explanation must be the correct answer no matter how ludicrous it sounds because the ETH has not been officially ratified by the majority of the scientific community ,..therefore .. are more unlikely to be the cause!.. this is a serious complex mystery that we are trying to study, and muddying the waters by mooting [and in some cases, insisting] absurd and implausible explanations for anomalous situations just because your ‘belief-system’ cannot accept the possibilities of the most reasonable explanation being the ETH, is both unhelpful and disingenuous,…and unless you can approach the subject with an open mind and accept that the most likely identity of an anomaly is the leading candidate…then for me you have no place in ufological studies!
When I found this particular site a few years ago, I was immediately impressed by the pretty complimentary even distribution of the various types of contributor…Woo woo’s , staunch advocates, believers, reserved believers, sceptics, and strongly sceptical , [well.. in even-ish proportions anyway].. presumably we are all here for the same reason, and that is to learn and assess to the very best of our abilities as to just what is the identity [or identities] of the culprits of as many of the absolute mountainous-proportions of UFO reports and cases are that we can manage, and to ameliorate our discernibility skills with regards to whether there could be any actual merit in the extraterrestrial hypothesis!.[or not]…Though the potential of that particular scenario being the likely explanation for any given case is relatively rare in comparison to the voluminous potential of a more prosaic [but sometimes just as surprising] explanation , not to mention the absolute reams of multifarious hoaxes…there are still a wealth of compelling candidates to be considered.

…..So why the foreboding attitude?…and why the serious-delving lethargy?…sure there’s plenty of hoaxes, misidentifications , dead ends and all manner of shitty-chicanery in this field,….but for heaven’s sakes don’t loose the sight that all of that crap is intermingled with nuggets of pure gold! :thumbs:


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