UFO Sighting in Forest Lake/Hugo, Minnesota on May 6th 2014 – life changing.

I was outside getting the fire pit ready for a bonfire when I noticed what seemed to be a blinking red orb slowly passing overhead. At first, I tried to identify it as a helicopter due to the fact that I previously had seen 3 of them fly overhead a few hours earlier. I watched the object continue on a northwest direction and eventually lost it over the tops of trees. Immediately after I lost sight of the object I walked into the garage to grab something and when I came out I noticed what seemed to be a VERY bright star in the northwest sky. Then, the bright white light is gone and the red object/orb begins heading in a southeast direction. As I’m watching it heading to the southeast the object stops again and remains in the same place for maybe 10 to 15 minutes. The object then headed in a southwest direction and I eventually lost it. I can tell you this… This object was NOT a helicopter. There was no sound, a change of color, and it was moving in a way that a conventional aircraft could not.

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