UFO Sighting in Thurmont, Maryland on July 9th 2013 – in the early morning hours subject saw a red orb following mountain range

subject was sitting outside in the morning and looked up in the sky and saw a glowing red medicine ball shape 25 feet across zig zagging very,very fast across the sky following the mountain range, making no sound
it was above 800 feet and came over me and went north toward Camp David

Another time subject saw the red glowing orb it was in the evening after midnight, it was clear with bank of clouds over the mountain range
the orb was moving towards camp David again, subject got a glimpse of the craft it was silverish in color and had a black dome on top
after subject saw it, it took off along the mountain ridge line glowing red, moving towards Camp David
subject had no doubt it was not a plane, but a UFO

the last sighting of the red glowing orb it was moving toward camp David and then subject heard helicopters chasing it

Subject was confused at first, but now looks for it

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