Black Triangle Sighting in Vantage, Washington on August 28th 1987 – Black triangle traveling very slowly

It was late in August of 1987, I believe it was about the 28th. I remember the moon was dark. I had specifically chosen the weekend to go camping and fishing because the moon was dark and I had read that fishing was better for Walleye during the dark of the moon.
I was camping alone, except for my Border Collie puppy who was only about 3 months old. My campsite was in the Wanapum State Park on the Columbia River in Washington State. As I said, I had read that Walleye fishing was better at night so at about 11pm I launched my boat from the state park boat ramp. The park is located just a short distance south of the Vantage Bridge, interstate 90, which traverses the Columbia river.
My plan was to fish beneath and close to the bridge as I had read also that this was a good spot for Walleye. Since I���d never fished for Walleye, I was relying on only what I had read and could glean from the local folks in Vantage.
It was dark, but the lights of the little town of Vantage and bridge lights gave me enough light to see. The current wasn���t very strong but enough that I had to anchor my little boat. I was anchored so that my boat was just north, maybe 100��� of the bridge. I baited up and put out my line. My puppy was curled up in the front of my boat in a makeshift bed I had made for her with some rags. The only sound I could hear was the cars on the bridge crossing overhead.
I���d fished for about an hour, maybe hour and a half, when Sarah, my puppy, suddenly woke up and sat up staring into the distance to the south. I had my back towards the south and turned around and at first saw nothing but the starlit sky. As I looked however I realized there was something odd about the sky. There seemed to be a wedged shape hole, for lack of a better word, moving very slowly northwards towards us. I turned and sat facing the direction of the wedge and realized it was actually some sort of craft. I could tell it was very large and as it grew closer it became apparent it was actually huge. The craft was totally black, no lights, and traveling very slowly in a northwards direction. Sarah began to whimper so I picked her up and cuddled her in my arms. I was mesmerized to say the least.
As the wedge approached I estimated it to be probably at least 300��� wide. It was triangular, very much like a flying wing but the trailing edge was straight across. Not the boomerang shape of the flying wing. The craft seemed to be about 200 maybe 300 feet above the bridge but it was very difficult to tell looking straight up at it. As it glided over the top of the bridge I did notice a difference in the sound of the traffic crossing the bridge so it had to be fairly close I would suspect. The sound of the cars and trucks was obviously being reflected off the craft just enough to make it noticeable. As the craft passed directly over us there was not exactly a sound coming from it but rather a resonance. It was an extremely deep resonance and if I had to describe it, I would say it was similar to the sound of highly amplified speakers at a rock concert when the instruments aren���t playing. A deep resonance that was more felt than heard.
The craft passed over us and continued northward up the river gorge until it went out of sight. As you can imagine, I was pretty upset. My puppy was shaking and it took me awhile to settle her down. Fishing was over for the night.
I pulled up anchor and headed back to the launch. Because it was so dark, I was only using my little trolling motor and we traveled quite slow. I didn���t want to accidentally hit anything which might be floating in the river. About 30 minutes passed and we heard a more familiar noise coming from the south right up the gorge. 2 jets, obviously A-10 Warthogs, were screaming northwards at about 200��� altitude. I���d seen plenty of Warthogs and know there unmistakable sound and these two were not wasting any time. They passed over us and disappeared as fast as they got there. My feeling was that they were chasing the wedge. Sarah peed all over herself and me and at that point I had just about had all I could take. I fired up the big motor, cuddled my little dog under my arm and made my way back to the park as fast as I could.
I have never told this story to anyone. This is my first time ever saying anything about it. I don���t know if I believe in aliens from outer space or not, but I certainly believe in UFOs. This thing I saw was definitely not something normal. No aircraft, military or commercial, then or now, looks or behaves like what I saw.

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