How this forum made a DISbeliever out of me.

Let me start by saying I’ve always been a believer, that intelligent life is out there somewhere. Its near impossible that there isn’t some type of alien society out there. When you start to research space, you see that the numbers are just too high, already they have found several planets that could potentially support life, and I have no doubt they haven’t even found a 1% of these planets yet.
Secondly, I had an experience of my own about 15 years ago. Without going into detail I basically saw something in the sky that made me utterly FREEZE with fear. Looking back now, it probably could have been a number of things, but it was quite frightening at the time, but I still believe a little that it could have been something out of this world.
Anyways, while I am not actually a psychologist, I took some advanced psyc courses in college, and I’ve been studying psychology in depth for years since. I have a pretty damn solid grasp on how the human mind works at this point, and I probably could look into a career in this field at this point.
Now I’ve been reading this forum for the last couple weeks, going as far as to read most of the popular threads in this subforum back 200 pages. I haven’t found any other real evidence on here that convinces me they are visiting. I mean, there are a few compelling cases, but even those I only have doubts about because the only real evidence offered was a story. While I don’t exactly doubt them, they could also be accomplished liars. Thing is, these seemingly legitimate cases are buried by dozens and dozens of bogus videos and obvious bullshit, which really makes me doubt even the cases that I believed.
What really bothers me though is the abduction cases.. Id say about 40% of the ones I read, are clearly the work of attention seeking liars, another 30% are probably trolls, another 20% are people underestimating the power of the mind, with vivid dreams, sleep paralysis and other easily explained phenomenon. 5% are people who are clearly ill, in fact there are 2 posters in particular I’ve reviewed several of their posts and its painfully clear they need help. I will be sending open, honest, frank personal messages to these two, trying to explain what’s happening to them and suggesting they seek help. I don’t expect to receive positive responses to these, but I feel obligated to try to help these people anyways. Now, the other 5% I don’t know what to make of, these people don’t seem ill, in fact they are quite articulate about it, lucid, and seem honestly shaken up by events. Though that doesn’t exactly sell me on the idea of them visiting still.
I realize that as hard as I tried to make this post as friendly and honest it probably will be met with a lot of negative responses. I just wanted to get my own feelings on the subject out there, and perhaps be proved wrong by some compelling evidence.

All that being said, I still have no doubt that there is life out there somewhere. However, them visiting us is a little harder for me to swallow, and the abduction cases simply turned me off on the subject almost all together, because of the factors I mentioned above.

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