New Triangle UFO Military Video Shows Attack On Taliban … Hoax

The question now is whether this video of a triangle shaped UFO is actually firing on a group of Taliban in Afghanistan.

Craft of this shape and design have been reported since the dawn of modern day UFOlogy and in waves since the 1980s. Now this
video appears and has gone viral on news sites, blogs, and Facebook feeds. If one is not aware of how special effects are done
then videos like this look real and are easily able to fool the general public. I’m calling this one a hoax because knowing and
working in special effects and CGI aka Computer Generated Imagery, it’s easy to tell from fake and real as CGI leaves footprints
that real video images don’t. In this case a simple clue of registration, the placement of the object in the image field, is so
sloppy you can see it a mile away. In addition the sound doesn’t match the distance of the object firing on the position. In
reality the further you are from a sound generating source like a slamming door or an explosion, the longer it takes to reach you
as sound moves very slow compared to light. You have seen this probably every day. In this video the sound doesn’t match the
distance either so a hoax is called on this one.

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