UFO Sighting in Centreville, Alabama on May 8th 2014 – Multiple routine sightings occuring at specific time intervals: usually around 20:45HRS in the evening and again around 04:45HRS in the morning

I routinely go outside with my camera in hand in the evenings around 8:45pm and again around 4:30am. Whenever the sky is clear (with the exception of full moons) multiple star like objects appear. This has been occurring over a year with consistency. I have witnessed objects streak through the sky, giving the appearance of shooting stars with multiple colored tails (usually white, green, blue, or orange). Normally after streaking across the sky within seconds or minutes an object will appear. Most times objects do not streak down, but can be observed approaching from the distance from all cardinal directions. I say approaching because these objects now seem to be targeting me and my family. By targeting I mean specifically these objects, after first appearing, will usually make a second or third pass so that they will directly fly over my head regardless to where I change my position. Objects have been seen at a variety of speeds ranging from extremely slow to unbelievably fast. Objects also range in elevation from several hundred to several thousand feet high. I have witnessed these objects both brighten and dim its lights at will. I have witnessed these objects seemingly signal to me and to each other with single pulses of light occurring at a 3 second interval. I have witnessed these objects signal with light pulses of a 1-3-1 pattern. I have witnessed these objects both brighten and dim as they approach or pass each other. I have witnessed these objects perform what can best be described as “gridding patterns” like that used by military aircraft. I have seen these objects expel and repulse other objects and in one instance I literally felt the energy of these objects hit my person. Normally after these objects appear they are followed by a heavy and substantial military aircraft presence,with the appearance of trying to track, but not engage these objects. I have been able to take numerous photos of these objects and from my observation they appear to have the ability to change shape at will. In my earnest opinion I believe that I live in some sort of hot spot or portal in which these objects are able to operate with consistency. I also fear that in some way these objects are tracking me. This is based upon the fact that I have witnessed these objects in multiple cities and, as I stated earlier, they often change their flight path so as to fly directly above my head. I have routinely been able to point these objects out to others who confirm my sighting and marvel that they are present. I pray that this report is taken seriously. The photos that I’m attaching do not even represent 1% of the photos that I have, nor do they represent the best photo evidence that I have. If I am contacted I will be more than willing to provide more detailed photos including some that seem to show an external propulsion system of some kind. Whether this report is believed or not I KNOW WHAT I AM SEEING and having spent time in the civilian Civil Air Patrol and in the U.S. Navy I know that they are not routine aircraft (military or commercial). Thank you.

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