UFO Sighting in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia on April 12th 2010 – woke up with my wife went outside and saw something strange in the sky

Me and my wife were staying at my father’s house with our kids. Around 1:30 am we hear our oldest daughter crying in my parents room. We were staying in the spare room off the basement which is directly under my parents room. When we went upstairs to check on her. My dad an step mom were still as asleep and told us the next day they didn’t know she WS even crying. We got her out of the crib and she didn’t want anything to do with me. She would not even let my wife put her down to go to the bathroom. I went outside on the porch to calm down because all of a sudden I startex to get really angry for no reason. About 5-10 minutes later my wife came outside with our daughter an we heard a strange humming sound. We started looking around an saw an object fly right above the trees in the front yard which are between 20 and 30 feet tall we tried to follow its path but it was gone. We looked up an saw it again only this time it was far up in the sky and met up with another object and they seemed to merge together and shot off and disappeared. About 2-3 minutes later we saw several jets fly over head. After that we went inside because my daughter had finally calmed down. After that for the next 2 days there were black helicopters flying over the area and there was a strange patch of hair on my back that had grown overnight.

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