UFO Sighting in Williamsburg, Kentucky on May 7th 2014 – Standing on back porch, saw bright light comparitive to moon size may have changed from teardrop to circle then faded.

I was smoking a cigarette on my back porch and it was about 2am on may 7th.
I noticed the brightest thing in the sky was not the moon. As the moon was to my southeast and this was to my southwest by west. I have lived here for almost two years and have seen from one to 4 at a time what look like glowing orbs floating above sometimes through the treeline. The latest one moved back and forth and up and down in a small area, then slowly faded away to my eye. I continued recording 30 more seconds after it was gone hoping to see it again. After I uploaded it to my pc from my iphone i inverted the colors and changed the contrast and brightness a bit. In doing this I was able to still see the object after it faded. I cant actually tell if it moved as far as what appears in the video after it goes dark but it appears to shoot up into the sky at great speeds. I’m attaching the original video straight from the iphone. Thanks

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