Alien Encounter in Santa Fe, New Mexico on April 15th 2014 – I did not witness a UFO, I was abducted from my home.

Recently there have been some odd things going on at our home, like:
1) I woke up one morning with a scar above my pubic bone, that I don’t have any memory of having before. 2) I have had dreams of UFO’s and aliens.
3) my husband and I both have woke up feeling violated, and nauseous, and light headed or the feeling of being drugged. 4) My younger daughter woke up in bed upside down, which has never occurred before.
5) I have a weird beebee sized thing just below my collar bone on my right side that is not attached to anything, I can actually like grab it with my fingers. I also when I was around 12 or so was witnessed by my older sister something lifting me up out of bed and carrying me towards the window (long story) any how these are just some of the stuff that has been going on, metallic tastes in mouth, ringing in the ears…
The newest is that I was abducted from my home about 1 week ago, my husband is witness to this. I also had physical evidence which he took pictures of, and also was left feeling very sick and sore.

( on the last picture, I know that it is not visible 🙁 but there was a light bruising of what appeared to be a thumb print in my inner right thigh.) The others are clear of bruising on my outer arm, and on my armpit.

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