UFO Sighting in Delta, Colorado on April 8th 2014 – Filming str8 up and object flashes in field of view 15 seconds in

I was out in the desert (adobe buttes) outside Delta, CO, and had seen where someone just put a camera facing up to see what they get. I put the camera on top of my Jeep and let the video run. As usual it was a very clear day out there. Where I was there are no trees, small shrubs & cactus, and sand, lots of sand. While the camera was running I wasn’t looking up and was just playing with my dogs. When I came home and uploaded the film onto my computer is when I noticed this flash on the screen at 15 seconds into the video. The object looks like it has a dark body with white wings. There’s only 2 types of birds out there (crows or kildeer) and there weren’t any where I was, the dogs always scare them away. The object flashes on the screen for a split second. Apparently it’s traveling at a high rate of speed. Slowing the video down it only appears in 1 frame. Not a clue what this is. Several times now in that same area I’ve seen orbs and one was rather large (when I didn’t have a camera!).

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