UFO Sighting in Methuen, Massachusetts on May 8th 2014 – Sitting on porch. Out of corner of my eye noticed bright lights. The moon was half moon. Under the moon I observed 2 orb shaped objects, glowing orange and yellow. They were moving east almost would have went right over my house.

I was sitting outside smoking a cigarette. I was facing south. I always look up at the stars , moon, etc. for anomalies. It was clear, about 65 degrees, and the Moon was a bright half moon. I am always looking at the night sky in hopes of observing a UFO. I never seen one in my life. I am a UFO buff.

I happened to be looking straight ahead to take a drag of my cigarette. I was very calm and peaceful. I was relaxed and not thinking of UFO’s. All of a sudden, out of the corner of my right eye, a bright light seem to catch my attention. I looked right and there was the moon, but directly in it’s sight path there was 2 basketball sized objects that were yellow, orange. The objects were not behind the moon, they were on my side of the moon. They were moving east headed almost over my house. They were about 10 inches apart from where I was sitting in my distance. They were following the same direction, but different paths. They were one in front and one behind, above and one below.

The very first thing I did was jump out of my chair to get my girlfriend Robin, who just went to bed. I realized I better check again to see if I really seen this, as it was “unbelievable”. I turned and stopped moving, I looked up and I was witnessing something I never thought I would see. Those lights moving like a air vehicle. There appeared to be more going on about them. It was very busy in the area they were in. I estimated their speed to see if I had enough time to get Robin. She was about 20 feet away in bed. First I thought don’t go. Then I thought I want someone else to see it to prove what I’m seeing. What made me leave was thinking Robin may never see this in her life, so I went to get her. I screamed get up and come out. I ran back quick and they were gone. It was only seconds. She was on the porch looking while I ran off to check the sky over the house from the driveway. Gone. I made a mistake, but I wanted to share it.

My opinion is they suddenly appear in the moon area of the sky, as I had just looked away from that direction, then they appeared suddenly. All I know is I’m still excited and intend on watching every night for a couple hours. I believe they are there, one must be vigilant to see them.

There seemed to be an odd thing about it. When you see a plane go by, you can feel how it is “working” to travel like that. These things, seem to move like they were floating. They were moving fast, but like floating in the air..

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