UFO Sighting in Monticello, Mississippi on May 8th 2014 – large, round, dead-silent, most vivid lights I've ever seen, hovering, slowly moving away while rotating very slowly.

I live in an extremely rural area in MS. I’m semi-retired, and spend a lot of time outdoors. Last night, after watching a movie, I stepped outside of my house and walked west toward my garden. I have a nightly chore that I was tending to. That was the hand-rotating of my solar panels to face the morning easterly sun-rise. There is a fixed mercury-arc lamp on a telephone pole near where my solar system sits on a trailer. I rotated one bank or panels, and as I’m apt to do, I glanced up at the sky. My house sits in the middle of a seven-acre pasture in the middle of a 300 acre farm. When I looked up, I was immediately stunned to see a large, round (from my perspective) object directly over my head. It was emanating bright blue/white lights outward around its outer edge, and had red lights interspersed unevenly between the bright blue-while lights. The object was slowly rotating, and almost immediately began moving slowly (about as fast as I can run) westwardly over my garden, and the tree-line beyond. There are two tree-lines… the first is wild-hardwood (oak, cedar, etc.) 40 feet beyond that a cultivated pine thicket with pine trees (lob-lolly) that are nearly adult (tall). It wasn’t until the object had moved over the second tree-line that I realized I should try to video, or snap a picture of what I was seeing. I ran as fast as I could into the house, grabbed my iPhone, ran back outside to my previous location, and could still see the object moving slowly away. The lights were so bright that it made a glow beneath it moving over the pine thicket. By the time I “logged” into my iPhone, and launched the camera app, the object had moved beyond my line of sight, and I no longer could perceive the “glow.” As it moved away from overhead… to the West, I did see that it had a curvature on top (a dome if you will). The surface appeared dark, but again had these stunningly crisp and clear, bright lights around the edge. At times the lights (red and bluish-white) seemed to cross over each other around the edge. Sort of “dancing” around the edge of the circular/domed object. This light dance appeared to be independent of the crafts slow rotation. Again, not a single sound could be heard, which surprised me. In fact, it seemed like there was not even the normal “natural” frog/cricket/bird cacophony that I’m used to hearing constantly. I never felt scared or threatened at anytime during this encounter. In fact the only unusual “feeling” I had was a heightened sense of awareness. I was truly shocked, breathless, amazed and in a way hypnotically fixated on the object when I first saw it. I have seen things I could not explain before (meteor-like objects that make 90 degree turns… glowing orbs around Fredericksburg, TX near Enchanted rock… and a few other things)… but I have always felt that I didn’t know what I had seen after the fact. This is different. I’m sure I saw a craft that is nothing like any technology that I’m aware of from my understanding of physics and current human technology. The impressions that overwhelmingly remain with me regarding what I saw last night are: 1). absolute silence, 2). super crisp/clear/bright lights that strangely emanated from around the edge of the circular (bottom-up perspective) craft… and that the lights didn’t appear to be coming from fixed points on the edge of the craft, 3). The object rotated slowly, and moved slowly away… without sound, 4). I believe the object was relatively close 300-600 feet over-head at the beginning of the encounter, then perhaps 1000 yards or less when it vanished from my view. I truly wish I had been able to capture some proof of what I saw, to share. But I must say… this changes my view of reality. I am sure, as a human can be, that what I saw was not a human-created object. Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions. I tried to be as detailed in my above account, while being cautious not to misrepresent what I saw. Sincerely, D.P.

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