UFO Sighting in Glenside, Pennsylvania on November 30th 1970 – Saw a UFO clearly in the sky over a large shopping center. Others with me noted but had no interest.

I was a young high school traveling in a school bus to a basketball game in the evening. I was with about 25 other kids and the driver and an adult youth group leader. We saw a ufo in the sky slowly moving in a straight path over the Cedarbrook Mall, across from what was then Beaver College in Glenside. I noticed the object because it was dark out and I was looking out the window and it had lights. I thought- that’s no airplane.
The object was very clear. It was well below the cloud cover, it had a top that was sort of a disk with a bottom attached like a “cup on a saucer” up side down. The bottom part was revolving slowly around, and had a row of medium sized lights on it that were revolving around. The lights were sort of amber in color, the whole object lit up a bit by them to a pale gold or copper color. The object proceeded in a straight path very slowly over a large shopping mall. It may have stopped and hovered, but I don’t remember for sure.
I felt certain I was looking at a UFO. I was excited and awed. I spoke to my friends on the bus about it, and they all looked and saw it, commenting how strange it was, then resumed socializing with each other. One or two other kids I didn’t know well continued to watch it with me.We went on to the game. I lost sight of it when we went up the road.
Later I told my parents about it and made a sketch to show them. My father told me he’d seen a cigar shaped ufo as a child living in the country in the town of Solebury, Pa.

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