UFO Sighting in San Anselmo, California on April 20th 2014 – Encounter with huge glowing orange craft

I had an encounter with a huge orange glowing craft about the size of a large house. The last thing I remember was watching it drift slowly away to the southeeast and disappear behind a hill. I observed this craft in great detail through a pair of 10 by 50 binoculars. I watched this craft change colors and shape and observed all these lumpy features on it as it lit up in a brilliant orange just for a few seconds. When it started to descend over this hill near Corte Madera I saw in great detail all these lumpy features as I can only describe as looking like some kind of a turtle shell looking surface in a huge oval shape. Before this the object appeared as a round ball with a cone on top and curved right and left sides almost like a teardrop and was transparent in the middle. It also had a triangular prism like appearance to it. Other objects were also seen before and after this encounter with this giant orange craft. When I looked at my watch I noticed I had been standing in this same spot up on top of this mountain road for 2 hours and 15 minutes. There is a lot more to this story even though the huge orange craft was only seen for about 3 minutes.

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