UFO Sighting in Walnut, California on January 10th 2014 – very large very distant (I think out of earth's atmosphere )spinning wobbling gravity defying fiery orbs/spacecrafts harnessing fuel /energy from crossing the suns outer atmosphere

I was outside in my front yard smoking a cigarette observing the pre sunrise sky……rubbing my eyes surprised where there was empty sky now appeared two spinning disc shaped fiery orbs …..OK I’ll be honest at first I thought two jet planes turned on the Chem trails …..observing the objects for more than a minute my brains calculations report to me……Simon don’t be a fucking idiot go grab that smartphone and utilize it’s doggone video camera because they were not leaving trails ….those objects were obviously not jet planes ,weather balloons ,choppers ,comets ,meteors even though the last two choices are possibly possible ….but naw…..any man made earth craft would of took way less time to cross the sky zipping out of sight we all seen this before …..we all can agree unanimously that no plane hovers in the sky for that long moving that short of a distance in 12 minutes ….unless there a vast distance away from the planet say outside of earth’s atmosphere apparently with the firey glow slowly shifting spinning fuel/energy from the suns corrona to the power supply of what I come to realize were not only vastly far…but vastly huge alien spacecrafts refueling there core reactors utilizing the invisible energies of the suns outer atmosphere rendering them very visible now …practicly alive …..slightly changing shape on there slow treck through the minds eye……as the first 2 decend below a very important frame of reference (witch most footages of ufos fail to capture)this being my neibors roofline backing up constantly the shakiness of my hands trying to get as much footage as possible before the strange scenery can no longer be seen as I back up one more time you hear me say under my breath ( excuse my language ) what the fuck …..pointing the camera in the same direction two more larger or maybe slightly closer objects appear to be tracing the exact same flight path …..the video stops around 6 minutes but the remaining video that didn’t upload to my Google drive were of the last 2 objects decending for six more minutes but it’s only obvious that the six minutes that did upload is gonna make a mark on mankind as 1000% real genuine footage of unidentified flying/floating orbs/objects

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